Development program rural area (ELR)
Business enterprises from the sectors industry, trade, handcraft, tourism and service are supported. Measures of two support priorities of the ELR-Program are supported. Measures for securing the basic care of population with goods and private services (program priority "Basic Care") as well as erection, take-over, expansion and moving of enterprises (program priority "Work"). Costs for purchase of land and building measures (new or rebuilding) as well as costs for factory equipment are financed. Not financed are motor vehicles, stocks and operating facility requirements.

Further interesting support programs:

Technology support program

Guarantees of the "Bürgschaftsbank" (Baden-Württemberg)

ERP – Equity assistance program EKH (Federal program)

ERP – Business start-up program (Federal program)

Start-up and growth financing Baden-Württemberg (GuW)

MBG-Participation program (State program)

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